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Prizes worth INR 30,000

Adaptive Residence Design

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Redefining a home for all

completed competition

How can a Residential building answer the needs of its inhabitants, of socialization and intimacy as well as benefit the surrounding in an innovative way?

How can a wide array of functions be fruitfully integrated in the design and functionality of the building?

How can this project be a reflection of an open, social, active and communicative society?

For an exponentially growing city like Bangalore, which is becoming more dynamic in the nature of its social composition day-by-day, there needs to be a workable and practical solution when it comes to housing needs. One of the solutions to this is Adaptive Residence Design.

Designers! Welcome to the first competition in this series, Archuary 2020, where we work towards our goal of making cities better for living. We invite all of you to participate and explore unending opportunities to contribute to this goal, and work with the best Brands in the Real Estate World.

Archuary 2020

Direct onboarding to design for leading real estate brands for

Top 10 designers

Prizes worth INR 30,000


  1. For clients- Cendrol is a Contracting Brand in the Construction Industry, with a unique platform for crowdsourcing for design related services. For Architects- We help you promote your designs for a client-base, by providing you a one-of-a-kind platform to showcase your work for free and possibly win projects.


  1. Archuary is a series of Design Competitions started to discover Architectural talent in the community, and promote this talent on cendrol.com for the benefit of our clients.


A. Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.


A. Archuary is inclusive of competitions relevant to only Residential Architecture. Residential Design in India, especially in metro-cities, is a largely neglected typology on a macro scale. Archuary competitions aim to solve the problems faced by all kinds of residents, one problem at a time, by seeking common-ground solutions for a dynamic population.


  1. Design Competitions has been an age-old tradition in the Architecture Fraternity. Participating will help you recognise your own standing in the industry, discover newer opportunities through cendrol.com, showcase your designs to an active audience for free, and win real-time projects of leading Real Estate Developers. 


A. Every individual competition has a 15-day registration duration. The start date of the competition is flexible, in the sense that the day you register yourself, the competition starts for you. After the 15-day registration period, there is an additional 30-day duration in which the competition is running full-fledged. Post these 45 day, there are 15 days given for judging and announcing winners, which also marks the beginning of the next competition.


  1. Every site used for these competitions belongs in a Gated Plot Community with these plots on sale, and the Development Sales ensures that they are sold to be ready for construction. When a client buys a plot and decides to build, they are redirected to cendrol.com for potential workable designs on their plots.


  1. Cendrol Constructions is primarily a Contracting Brand for its clients, which is our source of revenue. Currently, there is no subscription model for publishing designs on cendrol.com, which means it is free-of-cost. Promoting your designs has never been this easy!


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